Susan Park

Susan Brehme Park is an artist, writer, singer, and musician. She plays a full drum kit and makes her own unique percussive instruments.

On her own, Susan writes collections of songs according to a theme, a genre called "art rock." Some of these songs are written in various genres, such as country, bluegrass, jazz and pop; which when compiled together, would normally not appear on the same album. However, the songs, when played in order, tell a story and the mood of each song reflects the mood of that chapter in the musical novel. Some of these songs are performed by "The Park-O-Lators."

"My favorite method of writing songs is while driving long distances alone, such as from Daytona Beach to Orlando," says Susan. "The click-click sound of the tires hitting the cracks in concrete pavement creates a natural rhythm and basis for any song. I usually write about whatever's on my mind at that particular moment. If I can still remember the song by the time I get home, I record it on Garageband when I get home."

Susan's favorite type of music is experimental, where she records and samples the sounds of ordinary household and handmade objects for use as percussion in her original songs. "I am a painter, first. When I write and compose songs, I consider this as creating art that you hear, as opposed to see, or auditory dimensional art." As with art, the process is more important than the finished product.

While teaching art in an elementary school, Susan learned to make her own shakers and rain sticks from recycled items. At The Park-O-Lators' acoustic sets, you will find Susan playing everything from egg cartons, cat treat containers filled with dried beans, take out trays and coffee tins with wire whisks.

In 2006, Susan learned to play the drums and uses her full kit for larger venue rock shows accompanied by a bassist and guitarist.

Not surprisingly, Susan came up with the name, "The Park-O-Lators" while driving back from Orlando with Clayton. "Originally, the band was supposed to feature only Clayton and I wanted alliteration combined with a folky feeling. To me, nothing says 'Americana' more than kitchen items. I came up with crazy names, such as Clayton and the Kettles, Clayton and the Coo Coo Clocks, or Clayton and the Cucumbers. Clayton had his own ideas, even longer names. Since I work for a lot of promoters doing graphic design, the idea of a shorter name was important. You can have a cool band name, but when it shows up in a festival program in microscopic type because it's too long to fit, there's no point. When I suggested 'Park and the Purcolators,' it was a split second before I came up with 'The Park-O-Lators.' Fortunately, Clayton liked it!"


Updated 6/8/2010.




Susan drumming
Playing a full drum kit at the Bandshell
Photo by Chris Anderson.

The Daytona Beach Bandshell June 2010
Photo by Terry Nandlal.

Playing egg whisks and coffee tins at the Ormond Wine Company Feb. 2010.
Photo by Sean McNeal.

Susan has been a member of:


  • The Park-O-Lators - 2009 - Americana, roots rock originals written by both Susan and Clayton Park. Drums, percussion, backup vocals
  • Park Projects - 2007 - experimental art rock originals. This is basically my solo project with help from Clayton, who adds an extra creative touch.
    Drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards, electronica
  • The News Hounds - 2009 - a roots rock band formed by Daytona Beach News Journal staff to play inhouse and charity events
    Drums, backup vocals


  • Casey Raines - 2007
    Backup vocals

Seattle, WA

  • Back Porch Players - 2006 to 2007 - traditional and alternative bluegrass
    Drums, vocals, backup vocals
  • Church worship services
    Backup vocals, lead vocals, hand percussion.