Backing Musicians

Former backing and guest musicians:

Julie Baker
Photo by Jake, September 2010.

Julie Baker
Joining the Park-O-Lators and the Convergent Zone in September, 2010, is guest bassist Julie Baker. With over 20 years of performing experience, she is a wonderful addition to the band. She began her career in music theater before joining a cover band and touring the New England / New York area. In 1987, Julie moved to Florida where she has continued playing for cover bands. She is influenced by Broadway and Jazz artists from the 1930s and 40s. Currently, she is a member of the The Baker Act and the Redman Baker Act and Jules and Jade.

Julie says:

"Being with the Park-O-Lators and their wonderful 'original blend' music of Roots Americana is a reat treat for me, unlike anything else I have done before. It is fresh, rhythmically and lyrically and has a basic integrity that creates an enjoyable and danceable sound."

Marshall "Chuggy" Letter
In the summer of 2010, we were fortunate to have a real rock and roller play with us. Chuggy grew up in Daytona Beach and was friends with the Allman Brothers. He played with legendary Daytona Beach band The Nightcrawlers (famous for their hit "Little Black Egg") from 1966-1969 before quitting the band to get married and move to Vermont. In 2010, Chuggy returned to the Daytona area and spent the summer of 2010 playing rhythm guitar for the Park-O-Lators. He is currently living in the Clemson, SC area and we miss him very much.

Graham Woodard
We were introduced to Graham in the fall of 2010 through local disc jockeys, Atticus Black and Yvonne Peterson. Graham is an awesome guitarist with a metal background who is currently exploring his Americana side. He left in May 2012 to grow his own cover band, Bathsalt Zombies.

Patrick Sullivan
Patrick hails from Newport, Rhode Island and moved to Florida where he attended Daytona State College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has an interest in alternative punk and rock, and still has dreams of starting a Daytona band where he can really, really, no REALLY rock out. He began playing bass with us at the Daytona Shrimp Festival in May 2011 and left in April 2012.

Guest musicians
Chris Anderson – bass — A generally fun all around guy, Chris stepped in when our band was in its infancy to play a couple of shows with us in 2009.

Zane Bowman – guitar — We met Zane at the Summer of Love Festival and he graciously agreed to sit in with us on guitar at a show at the Peabody in 2011. Zane has his own band, Sabertooth Chuck, with his friends Dan and Adam. They are awesome! We have been fortunate to share a few shows with them. Zane also plays in the cover band, Bathsalt Zombies.

Chris Dixon – guitar — Currently strumming the banjo with Folkin' up the 80s, Chris played a show with us in 2009 when our band was first starting.

Keith Everett – bass — Keith sat in and played bass during the Summer of Love show in 2010, then left to attend college at Berkley in Boston.

Brian Gaynor – guitar — Brian sat in with us at the Deland Original Music festival in November 2012.

Georgia Gottshalk – cello — is a former first chair cellist and recent graduate of Stetson University. She played with us the summer of 2012, lending a beautiful bass melody and rhythm to the mix.

Jinx Shelton – bass — played two shows at the Peabody Auditorium in 2011. Jinx is formerly with a punk band named PDI who toured with Youth Brigade in the early 1990s. He also has played with the Clash and Bob Dylan.

Bret Reid – guitar — Bret is an amazing guitarist who sat in with us for the summer of 2012, helping to fill in for six shows. He performs with a praise band at the Methodist Church in Ormond.

Josh Reid – bass — Josh is a fun, talented young man who sat in with his father, Bret Reid, at several shows in the summer of 2012. He also plays in a praise band for the Methodist Church in Ormond.

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ON THE 9-song CD:

Jerry Chapman
Jerry Chapman is the amazing bassist who appears on our recordings recently made at Snüzz Studios in North Carolina this summer. He is formerly a member of "Life In General;" not only a great bassist, but also an amazing guitarist; a prolific songwriter; and currently performs with a number of bands throughout the southeast. Jerry grew up about a quarter mile from Susan in Winston-Salem, NC. Susan was emcee at the school talent show where Jerry performed. You can find him here: Jerry Chapman

"Burden" the Cat
Adding to the uniqueness of "Undercover Rock Star" are the plaintive meows for attention from her royal highness, "Burden," of Snüzz Studios. Burden also kept us company -- while one Parkolator was busy recording, the other was napping or reading in the back room with cute little furry Burden.